Bluewater Thrillers

The Bluewater Thrillers: 

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Set in the beautiful Eastern Caribbean, these books let you experience life in the islands at first-hand. Although the books are fiction, they present the locale and its people with the accuracy born of the author's many years of experience as a cruising yachtsman.

Relax in the cockpit with a rum punch as you smell the tangy sea breeze while watching for the green flash.  Feel the thrill of slicing through the impossibly blue water, rail-down with the decks awash as the trade winds whistle through the rigging.  Duck your head to avoid the swing of the boom as the yacht heaves to for you to land a big mahi-mahi for dinner.  Enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with an early morning landfall after sailing through a moonless night, and feel the genuine warmth when the immigration officer stamps your passport and ship's papers and says, "Welcome to my island, mon," with a heartfelt grin.

But watch your back.  You're on your own when you leave land behind.  Most of the bad things that happen in these books have happened down island, even though they are presented as fiction here. Paradise is a gentle, friendly place most of the time, but evil is pervasive in our world, so don't get too comfortable.

The Bluewater Thrillers chronicle the adventures of two young women, Dani Berger and Liz Chirac. They're carving out a life in the islands as the co-owners of a small luxury yacht in the charter trade.  Dani's the skipper. Reviewers have called her everything from a kick-ass heroine to a psychopath.  One fan says, "Dani's hot;" another says, "She's perfect!  I'm just glad she's not my daughter."  Liz is the first mate and the chef. She's not as hot-tempered as Dani, but Liz may be more dangerous in her own, quiet way, Follow them as their roles change through the books.

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The Bluewater Thrillers and the Connie Barrera Thrillers share many of the same characters.  Phillip Davis and his wife Sandrine, Sharktooth, and Marie LaCroix often appear in both series, as do Connie, Paul, Dani, and Liz. Some readers enjoy switching between the two series, reading the books in the order they were written. For a list of the two series together in order of publication, CLICK HERE