Bluewater Bullion

Bluewater Bullion is available from Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.

Bluewater Bullion is the seventh book in the Bluewater Thriller Series. Like the Connie Barrera Thrillers and the J.R. Finn Sailing Mysteries, this series is set in the Caribbean and Florida.

Treasure and Trouble in Antigua and Barbuda...

Their guests deny it, but Dani and Liz suspect that they've chartered Vengeance to search for sunken treasure. The two men are an odd pair. Nick Thompson's a former Nayy SEAL, but Dani suspects that he didn't serve honorably. Gerald Yates is a successful writer from an old Southern family. He's hired Thomson to assist in his research for a book.

Yates claims to be looking for the wreck of Phaedra, a ship that was owned by an ancestor of his. Phaedra went down in a storm dduring the U.S. Civil War. She departed from Savannah, ran the Union blockade, and was bound for the Yates family's plantation in Barbuda. Yates claims he’s not interested in the ship’s cargo, but only wants to verify the facts of her loss for use in his book.

Dani's convinced there's more to the story. She's suspicious because Yates has chosen a sailing yacht for a task better suited to a salvage vessel. Then she learns that the two men are targets of a private espionage organization. That’s when she’s sure they’re up to no good.

Are these two who they claim to be? What are they really looking for? And what kind of trouble did they bring to the islands?

Read Bluewater Bullion and find out. Perfect for fans of treasure hunts set in Florida and the Caribbean.