Bluewater Thrillers Boxed Set Books 1 - 3

Bluewater Thrillers Boxed Set Books 1 - 3, is available from the Kindle Store. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

The Bluewater Thrillers chronicle the adventures of Danielle Berger, a young woman carving out a life in the islands, first as pick-up crew and later as the owner and skipper of a small luxury yacht in the charter trade. She has been called everything from a "kick-ass heroine" to "a bit too masculine." One fan says, "Dani's hot;" another says, "She's perfect! I'm just glad she's not my daughter." Follow her as her role changes through the books. 

In Bluewater Killer, she's a victim without an active part until late in the story. 

In Bluewater Vengeance, she's looking for her way forward and carrying a huge chip on her shoulder as she teams up with a new friend, Liz Chirac, and starts a charter business while dealing with some carryover trouble from her former captors. 

In Bluewater Voodoo, Dani and Liz grow into their new lives as they cope with conflicts between their charter guests and a terrorist. The guests and the terrorist both seek a Voodoo priest who appears to have created a real-life zombie. Along the way, you'll learn a bit about Voodoo as a religion and the origins of zombies.

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