Bluewater Voodoo

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Sail aboard the luxury yacht Vengeance with Dani and Liz as their charter guests explore Voodoo and the factual basis for the zombie myth.

Trouble begins when two rival factions uncover rumors of a real-life zombie kept by illegal refugees from Haiti on the Caribbean island of Martinique.  The academics chartering Vengeance want to exploit the zombie craze to fund their legitimate research, but the agents of an unfriendly government have a more nefarious plan.

Their paths converge, and Vengeance and her crew are caught in the middle.  Neither the terrorists nor the academics reckon on the reaction of Dani and Liz, who are struggling to define their roles and working relationship in their new charter yacht business.  Watch what happens as Dani discovers the value of trading on her femininity and Liz learns to take care of herself in dangerous circumstances.

Bluewater Voodoo is the third book in the Bluewater Thriller series.  If you enjoyed Bluewater Killer and Bluewater Vengeance, the story continues to unfold in Bluewater Voodoo.


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