Bluewater Enigma

Bluewater Enigma is available from Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.

Bluewater Enigma is the thirteenth book in the Bluewater Thriller Series. Like the Connie Barrera Thrillers and the J.R. Finn Sailing Mysteries, this series is set in the Caribbean and Florida.

Blackmail is only the beginning...

Dani Berger and Liz Chirac return to Miami from a vacation to discover that their yacht, Vengeance, has been stolen. Then their charter broker calls. She has a client for them, and the client won't accept a substitute for Vengeance. The charter is to be a surprise for the client's mysterious lover, who admires classic yachts.

Dani and Liz scramble to recover Vengeance in time for the charter. Just before the charter begins, they learn that their client plans to use the rendezvous to blackmail her lover. They suspect there must be more to this than blackmail.

"Why Vengeance?" they ask themselves. "And who is the woman's lover, to warrant such a complicated scheme?

Read Bluewater Enigma and gfind out. Perfect for fans of mystery/thrillers set in the Caribbean.