Bluewater Betrayal

Bluewater Betrayal is available from Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.

Bluewater Betrayal is the fifth book in the Bluewater Thriller Series. Like the Connie Barrera Thrillers and the J.R. Finn Sailing Mysteries, this series is set in the Caribbean and Florida.

Murder, Intrigue, and Drug Smuggling in the Caribbean

Liz Chirac left Dani Berger in Martinique with a charter guest aboard their yacht, Vengeance. When she returns, Liz brings trouble. The police in Bequia accused her of murder. By the time they discover she's innocent, somebody's trying to kill her.

Sail through the islands with the three women as they fight to survive. While they teach their guest to sail, Dani and Liz show her how to kick ass, too.
Bluewater Betrayal is perfect for fans of thrillers set in the tropics.