Sunday, June 4, 2017

There's a new Bluewater Thriller! Bluewater Enigma is available for preorder.

Hello. It's Liz at the keyboard.
Dani and I wanted to let everybody know that Bud survived writing Bluewater Enigma.
There was a period when I thought Dani might do him in, but we got past that. When he let those people steal Vengeance, it was all I could do to hold her back. I only succeeded by reminding her that it was early in the story. I convinced her to wait and see how it ended before she did anything rash.
Fortunately for Bud, the story ended well for us, so Dani grudgingly agreed to let him write another book. She's on the phone with Connie right now, warning her about what he's up to.
Poor guy doesn't stand a chance, caught between the two of them. When Connie finds out he's thinking about a third series that doesn't include any of us, I'm not sure how she'll react.
She and Dani think that he should only be allowed to write about them. He has his own ideas about that, though. He's already started Connie's next story, but he's working on another book at the same time. I'm doing my best to persuade Dani to let Connie deal with that. We've got enough to do without getting caught between Connie and Bud.
Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy Bluewater Enigma. Get yourself a copy and let us know what you think. Click on the cover image for more information.

Thanks for reading about us!

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