Sunday, April 23, 2017

It was a setup!

I am so angry with Bud that I'd like to --.
Okay, okay, Liz! Stop kicking me. Liz is engaging in her favorite form of non-verbal communication. I'll tone it down, okay? Liz is nodding, but she's got this skeptical look on her face.

She's partly to blame for this, but I'll let that go, for now. It all started when Bud encouraged us to take a break after that big party in Miami. You read Bluewater Revolution, so you know about that.

Liz and I thought he just wanted us out of the way so Connie and Paul would have some time with him to work through their latest story. We were okay with that. They're friends; we taught her to sail. What's that, Liz? Oh, right. She' s reminding me that we introduced Connie and Paul to each other.

Anyway, we played along with Bud. Liz and I went to New York for a couple of weeks. For some reason, she wanted to meet my mother. That was interesting, but I don't want to get sidetracked. Bud is a big enough source of aggravation without adding my mother to the mix.

While we were gone, Bud let some lowlifes steal Vengeance. Liz and I came back to Miami to find an empty slip. Bud's working with us on that, but he's got something else going on, too. He's trying to hide it, but he should know better.

Let me explain, for those who might not know about writers. They're odd people. They have a bunch of characters living in their heads, like me and Liz, for example. There's nothing he can do about it. We're just there, wandering around in his mind. He tries to shut us out by going to sleep sometimes. And sometimes, we let him sleep. But we're still in there, looking around.

That's how we found out about this man who's living in Puerto Rico on a beat-up little boat called Island Girl. We aren't sure what he's up to, but he's convinced Bud to write a book about it.

And last night, I discovered it's not just one book. He wants a whole series! So far, he's not even planning to let us play in his story, either. We'll see about that, if we even let Bud do this.

Okay, Liz, stop it!

She's kicking me again. I know we can't stop him. Bud, that is. But we can drive him crazy. Or at least crazier than he already is.

Liz is arguing that we should leave Bud alone as long as he's helping us get Vengeance back. I hate it when she and Bud gang up on me.

At least he's promised us that he'll see us through our latest adventure before he lets this upstart on Island Girl take the stage.

We're calling our new book Bluewater Enigma. It should be finished by the summer, unless Bud crosses me. In that case, Bud may be finished by summer.

Stop it, Liz! That's your last free kick. Bud knows I'm not serious, and so do you.

Before I get back to work, let me just say thanks to all of you for keeping us afloat. Liz and I appreciate it. Bud does, too.

P.S. What do you readers think? Should we let him start another series? He pays more attention to you than he does to us. Tell him how you feel about it.


Unknown said...

Wow! Another series would certainly keep you busy. Are you sure your brain can handle all these characters arguing over spending time with you? Of course it is rather flatttering that so many want your attention. I say go for it!

Charles Dougherty said...

I'm wondering about that myself, Rebekah, but I have this urge ...
Thanks for visiting!

Karen Kearns said...

I think another series would be interesting, but, in my humble opinion, the rest of the crew should make at least cameo appearances. Otherwise, what gray matter you still have will be seriously compromised by Dani for certain, and probably Liz, Connie, Sandrine, AND Sharktooth. Good Luck with that!!!

Charles Dougherty said...

They're already working on me about that. We'll just have to let them fight it out. Thanks for visiting!

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