Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bluewater Revolution is coming, and Dani's in trouble.

Hello, everybody. It's Liz Chirac again. Dani and I and our friends are caught up in supporting an invasion of Cuba. Bud's almost finished with Bluewater Revolution, our twelfth adventure. Dani and I decided he should do a blog post about the new book before he releases it, but he passed it off to me.

Dani has a man in her life, finally. Poor girl, she's fallen head over heels for a handsome devil she met in a South Beach nightclub. As their relationship developed over the last few weeks, Dani has become reluctant to talk about it. Just when I had persuaded Bud that he should write this post, Dani forbade him to mention her romance.

"It's not fair," she told him.  "You know what I'm thinking and feeling before I do."

Bud's no coward, but he knows better than to cross Dani, especially when she's a critical part of the story. He told me in private that he thought some mention of her fling was essential, but that I could handle it with more sensitivity than he could.

That leaves me to write this, and I have some reservations. It's not that I'm afraid of upsetting Dani; it's that I'm her confidant when it comes to matters of romance. I'll have to respect her privacy, but it's true that I'm less likely to embarrass her than Bud is.

It's no secret that Dani's a seductress-in-training. We've all had some chuckles at her early attempts; she's even laughed at some of her blunders.

This time, though, she got swept off her feet. She wasn't expecting it. Most of us have been there, but it's new to her. We're in Miami for a gathering of family and friends, and we're only going to be here for a few days. She thought she could hone her pick-up technique without risking a long-term entanglement.

She's learned that flirting is a lot like fishing, and she joked that this was a "catch and release" expedition. Little did she know that she was going to catch one that she wouldn't want to throw back.

I'm worried that this man smells a little fishy, though. He may be mixed up in this anti-Castro plot. I hope I'm wrong; otherwise she's in for a disappointment. I don't envy her catch, either. If he turns out not to be the trophy she thinks he is, this won't end well for him.

Besides Dani's love life, there is also the matter of the invasion of Cuba. I should probably stop here. If I say more, I'll have Bud and Dani upset with me. I'll wait and let you read the whole story. Bluewater Revolution will be available in the next few weeks.

I need to go; I have to post this before Dani reads it over my shoulder. See you soon in South Beach.



Unknown said...

Way to go, Liz, You have me trying to guess who this catch might be. The invasion of Cuba might be a bit more dangerous than you imagine. Be safe.

Charles Dougherty said...

Thanks, Onisha!

Unknown said...

I've learned when a man smells fishy, unless he fishes for a living, he should be avoided. Of course, sometimes the excitement is hard to resist. :-)

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