Saturday, December 10, 2016

Bluewater Revolution is Finished! Read all about it!

It's Dani Berger; I got a shot at the keyboard while Bud was napping. I wanted to let you know about my latest adventure. I won't spoil the story; you can order a copy for yourself in the Kindle Store. I do want to add a few things, though.

Liz was right in her last post when she said that the man I was mixed up with smelled fishy. Too bad; he was a handsome devil. But he's history. I taught him a thing or two on his way out of my life, but I don't know if he took the lessons to heart.

Probably not, given that he was a jerk. Now that it's over, I can see that it may not have been all his fault. His role in the story was to be a jerk, but that's no excuse. He was type-cast.

Enough about my romantic misadventures; the important thing is the broader story, and it turned out well. I had all kinds of fun. I got kidnapped, I escaped, I blew up a boat.

Besides that, all my friends were gathered in Miami. It was great to have everybody in the same place -- one long party. And we got into a few good fights, to boot. What more could a girl want? A little time in the Everglades, to commune with the alligators, maybe?

Even though I had a great time, Bud's a little frazzled. We'd almost wrapped up the story when Fidel Castro died. Even though Fidel didn't have an active part, he and his brother were critical to the background. Poor Bud had to do a crash rewrite, but that's okay. It's what you pay him for, and it was worse for Fidel, I'm sure.

Interestingly, it's the second time Fidel disrupted Bud's plans. The first time was long ago, on an island not so far away. Bud's father spent a lot of time in the Caribbean during WW II, and he was most fond of Havana.

Finally, after talking about it for years, he decided to take the family to Cuba when Bud was a wee lad. He was just old enough to know what was happening, I guess. Maybe he's older than I thought.

Back then, there was an overnight car ferry from Key West to Havana. The day of their departure, Bud woke up in a hotel room in Key West, listening to the news of Castro's revolution on the radio.
I can't imagine that people once got news that way, but Bud says they did. He may be even older than the internet. When he was little, broadcast television hadn't yet become popular. I think that was before streaming video.

Bud says that reading was their main form of entertainment when he was growing up. Imagine that. Some of us have returned to the old ways. Some of us never left. You should give it a try; download a copy of Bluewater Revolution. You'll enjoy it. Thanks for your support. All of us appreciate it.


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