Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dani was worried for no reason.

Hi, everybody! It's Connie again. Sails Job - A Connie Barrera Thriller is available now.  Click on the cover to the left to go to the Kindle Store for more details.

You can see that Bud released my most recent book right on schedule, in spite of Dani's warning in her last post. When she wrote me a couple of months ago that he was distracted by his move ashore and his grandchildren, Paul said she was just trying to stir things up. Sometimes I wonder about that girl.

Paul and I were surprised at how much we enjoyed working with Bud in his new office in Fort Worth. It's nice not to worry about the computer getting soaked with salt spray, or sliding off the chart table while he writes about our adventures. All of us have plenty of sea time to draw on when we miss the open water, and Bud's grandchildren are more of an inspiration than a distraction. They're such fun to have around.

There's a ten-year-old girl who reminds me of what I imagine Dani to have been like at that age. She was the only girl to make the Fort Worth Little League All Star team, and she's one of Bud's fishing buddies. On top of that, she's a writer and artist, working on an illustrated children's book.

The thirteen-year-old boy likes spending time on the pistol range with his dad and Bud. He's even teaching Bud's wife to shoot. Talk about living what you write! And there are four more grandchildren where those two came from. I guess Dani was just preoccupied with her own adventure; I'm sure she'll change her view by the time she and Bud get through the next Bluewater Thriller.

Speaking of mysteries, Bud really surprised us in Sails Job. Right at the start, I got a call from a guy in Bakersfield, California, who said he was my cousin. Then our charter guests brought their own problems aboard. By now, Paul and I should be used to Bud getting us in trouble, but he caught us off guard this time. You'll see what I mean once you read this latest thriller.

Guess I'd better give the keyboard back to Bud. He's already got Dani and Liz in the middle of something in Miami, and he's told us to get Diamantista II up there, too. It sounds like the whole crowd's gathering for something. We just heard from Phillip and Sharktooth that they're headed that way with their wives. It will be fun to have everybody together again. See you in Miami!

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