Friday, July 15, 2016

Liz and I survived another book, but I'm not sure about Bud.

Bluewater Drone, the eleventh book in the Bluewater Thriller series, is available in the Kindle Store. 

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Connie thought I didn't notice her last post, way back in April, but I did. I was just too busy getting Bud through Bluewater Drone to deal with her provocation then. Now, after all this time, I've forgotten what she said to annoy me. It's been a tough three months for Liz and me, trying to keep Bud focused on our latest adventure. He'd write us into a tense situation and then wander off to do something else for a while. 
He seemed to think setting up a shore-side home in Texas was an excuse to leave us in limbo for days on end. We finally got him back to work a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't easy competing with those six grandchildren for his attention. I guess that's why he and Leslie wanted the place in Fort Worth. Now I hear there's a seventh grandchild on the way, but that's someone else's problem.
Did you get that, Connie? You and Paul have to contend with the six that are already here plus the excitement of a new one coming soon. You'd better hope he gets back on schedule and finishes your next book before then. If you let him slack off, you'll experience what I've been through.
Bud abandoned me just when I was in the clutches of a lecherous movie producer. He promised to make me a star -- yes, that old cliché. Sicko! Not Bud -- the producer. Liz saved me, though. She's been teaching me all those girly tricks that I missed out on when I was growing up. As silly as they are, they come in handy, sometimes. I was able to get what I wanted from the jerk without having to resort to my usual tactics.
It was a challenge; I wanted to just kick his ass. Before it was over, though, somebody else beat me to it. Even so, I found an outlet for my frustration, and I did learn a few things about picking up strangers in bars.
Liz and I convinced Bud to let people see a little more of the personal side of our relationship in this book. Liz is a great friend, and our skills are complementary, but there's one big difference. She's really smooth when it comes to manipulating men. I've always admired that. My skills at manipulation often involve breaking bones. She's been trying to teach me how to handle men without doing any physical damage.
Of course, Bluewater Drone being a thriller, I had to do away with a few people and blow up some stuff. I didn't punch out the lecher, though. And he was so handsome. A girl can dream ...
Bluewater Drone is available for pre-order now. The final release date is July 19, 2016.  CLICK HERE to get your copy.

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