Sunday, February 1, 2015

Looking for a Little Advice

This blog idea worked out well last time, and I've talked Bud into letting me give it another shot. I was pleased that he didn't censor that first post, so I'm going to press my luck a little this time.

I need some advice; he's put me in a real bind in this current book. I don't mean the conflicts with the bad guys; that's to be expected. Being a kick-ass heroine is my job. I get that; I wouldn't have it any other way. The problem is that he's getting into some aspects of my life that I've always kept private, and it's playing right into Liz's insatiable curiosity.

You might have noticed that she's sort of man-crazy. I don't mean she's easy, but she sure does like to look, and her comments and facial expressions give her away, at least to me. It's not that I don't enjoy ogling the guys every so often, but I'm a little more reticent when it comes to that stuff.

Bud got me into a tight spot back in Bluewater Voodoo with this hunk named Ralph Suarez. He was just a bit player in the story, but I spent some private time with him and got him to share some critical information about an undercover operative who was causing us problems.

Bud left it up to me to determine what happened between the two of us, and he let me decide how much of that would be revealed in the book. There are some things I'm not comfortable disclosing in public. The whole situation might have slipped by unoticed except Bud let Liz start wondering what did or didn't happen between me and Ralph in his hotel room for that couple of hours.

When I rebuffed her queries in Bluewater Voodoo, Liz let it drop. That's typical of her. She's a good friend and deals with my quirks, whether she understands them or not. The problem is that Bud has brought this whole thing to the surface again in Bluewater Rendezvous. Ralph Suarez keeps showing up in the story -- not in person, at least not yet -- but he's in the background, somewhere.

Liz is looking at me that way again; I know she's still wondering. One time, Bud almost let her come right out and ask, but he's a pretty good friend, too -- at least for a guy. He left me an opportunity to shut her down without answering the question. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but there are some things that I think a girl should keep to herself.

I could use a little advice; I know Liz is dying to know, and I've never had a better friend. Should I tell her? I mean, like, in private -- not right out in the book. I trust Bud’s judgment on most things, but I’d like some other opinions on this one. What do you think?


  1. Love this idea! If you want my advice, best friends always talk…we share…its what we do.

  2. I agree with Tara. Best friends tell each other everything. The good, the bad and the ugly. She should tell her :)

  3. Bud, what a fantastic marketing ploy. You've piqued interest in the books and I can see that maybe, just maybe, another book is forthcoming. lol. Like I didn't know that. Great post.

  4. This is far beyond breaking the fourth wall, Bud. In fact, this could be a new way to create new stories interactively with your audience.

  5. Love Scott said, goes beyond breaking the fourth wall. Great work!

  6. Always tell the truth to your closest friends...but the readers might like the suspense of not knowing.

  7. Fun idea. If it were me, I'd be telling my BFF...

  8. She tells her, but in private - don't tell us!

  9. What an awesome post. --- Great marketing idea.... And NO... Don't do it. Break the rules. Not all girls are "girly" - so keep it a secret. Let her take it to the grave even. No one ever has to know for sure. heh heh...


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