Friday, April 8, 2016

Before Dani Notices ...

Hello, everybody. It's Connie again. I wanted to let you know that Paul and I survived another adventure. Running Under Sail - A Connie Barrera Thriller, is available for pre-order, and it's scheduled for release on April 11. Click the cover for details, please.

I didn't know until I went to check the Amazon page for Running Under Sail that Bud had released a boxed set of the first three books in which I appeared. It's called From Deception to Betrayal - an Introduction to Connie Barrera, and there's more information available about it by clicking its cover, as well.

Dani was pleased by the release of the Bluewater Thrillers boxed set at the end of February, but I'm sure she'll be in a snit when she finds out that I have my own compilation. That's why I grabbed the chance to sneak in this blog post; I wanted to let you know that Paul and I appreciate your support before she takes to the keyboard again.

In spite of Liz's worries from the last post about Bud and the NSA, he's still running loose. He's lost himself in the next Bluewater Thriller, I think. I haven't been able to get his attention since he left us in Martinique at the end of Running Under Sail; he's behind closed doors with Dani and Liz.

It has to be another Bluewater book, because I've heard Dani's voice raised several times, followed by Liz's laughing and murmuring soothing phrases, like, "Come on Dani. It's just a story, and you know you always come out all right in the end."

And then Dani, in a heated tone, "Why is it always my quirks that he focuses on, Liz? Why not yours?"

"I can't imagine, Dani. It probably just seems that way to you. Remember the last book?"

"I barely had a role in that story. Besides, I never even got to go sailing." Dani's voice is still raised; she's wound up about something. "I was behind the scenes almost the whole time."

"Well, you don't have that complaint about this one, do you?"

"But it's the way he's making me act; that's not me! He's putting thoughts in my head that I'm not -- "

Her tirade was interrupted by several thuds and a crash, and then I heard Bud's calming voice, but I couldn't tell what he was saying. Things are quiet; I guess everybody's okay.

I'd better stop gossiping and sort things out with Paul. I think I worried him with something I said at the end Running Under Sail. We've got a couple of months to relax and smooth things over while Bud's tied up with Dani and Liz.

I'll just say thanks again, and Paul and I look forward to welcoming you back aboard Diamantista II on April 11.


Scott Bury said...

Now you've got two characters arguing? Is this breaking down the fourth wall, or demolishing any barrier between fiction and reality?

Diane Rapp from Quicksilver Novels said...

When Bud's characters start arguing and he must play peacekeeper, an incredible adventure must be in the works. Love all these feisty women!

Elyse Salpeter said...

I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you are - you have so many books and new ones keep releasing. I'd love to find your secret? Do you live with these characters in your head all the time?

Author Bob Nailor said...

Like the always asked me when I sing "What'd you do with the money?" "What money?" "The money your mother paid for your singing lessons." How much as you paying for your sessions? I hope you're getting a "group" discount. Love your post and your characters are so alive.

Charles Dougherty said...

There's a barrier between fiction and reality?

Charles Dougherty said...

It's a lot like raising children, or maybe good practice for helping with the grandchildren.

Charles Dougherty said...

Thanks, Elyse. My secret is that this is my only job. And yes, they're always in my head. I can't count the number of sleepless nights I've spent listening to their chatter.

Charles Dougherty said...

You mean a group discount from my shrink? She threw up her hands and ran away after a few sessions, but I think she still buys my books.

Unknown said...

I feel for you, man. With all of these women in your life, you need some male bonding time.

ron said...

Keep the books coming Bud they are great stories and they are so well written I feel that I know the characters personally

Charles Dougherty said...

Thanks, Ron. I'm working on the next Bluewater Thriller now. It should be released early this summer.

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