Friday, February 12, 2016

I can't let Dani's last post go unanswered.

I just booted Bud off the computer. That may be a little short-sighted of me, since he's hard at work on the fifth book in my Connie Barrera Thriller series, but I felt compelled to respond to Dani's last blog post and try to square things with her.

In her last post, she was not only complaining about having to dye her hair and wear -- oops, Bud's giving me the high sign. Okay. I'll stay away from that. I'm annoyed with her, but far be it from me to spoil anybody's story.

The thing that's set me off isn't that she's being such a prima donna. It's that she seems to think she has first claim to Bud's attention. She's upset because he's working on my fifth book instead of another Bluewater Thriller. Come on, girl! He's written ten Bluewater Thrillers.

What? You think that because I had a bit part in two of them, I owe you something?

Well, okay, you did teach me to sail, and I did meet Paul through you and Liz. I suppose you have a point there. I do owe you a lot. But stop already with this business about your being his first "star" character.

I played a lead role in Deception in Savannah before you were even a gleam on Bud's computer screen. Give me some credit for that. If I hadn't gotten him through that first book, where would you be?

And your role in Bluewater Killer? That involved your being unconscious for most of the book. You didn't amount to much before you met Liz in Bluewater Vengeance. Then it took you two books to figure out what happened to that Reilly guy, and you didn't even finish him off personally, at that. You think you're a bad-ass?

What? You think your books outsell mine? Just wait a minute, Dani.
You're the one who said you gave me roles in two of your books. That was Bud's decision; not yours. If I count Deception in Savannah and we share credit for Bluewater Ice and Bluewater Betrayal, plus the four thrillers that have my name on the covers, that's seven books, young lady. And you? You only have eight Bluewater Thrillers without me in them, and you slept through the first one. If you're so great, why isn't your name on the covers?

Okay, I've had enough of this; I don't like being argumentative, and besides, I need to put Bud back to work on my next story. Why don't you take a deep breath and thank Liz for saving you from going to jail?

Besides, I'm not supposed to tell you this, but Bud's probably going to release a boxed set of your first three books before he finishes my fifth one. See, he still likes you, and so do I. Let's not do this any more. There are enough villains to go around without us squabbling with one another. This is a team effort, remember?

Liz is setting out a tray for tea; let's talk about the good times that are coming, and let Bud get back to work.


Lisa Jey Davis said...

Well, appears I'd better get to reading these babies... I'm so out of the loop!!!

Elyse Salpeter said...

Gosh, this is so very inventive. I love how you're integrating the characters in these blogs and I love nothing more when they speak to me as if they are existing in real life. So interesting!

Diane Rapp from Quicksilver Novels said...

I enjoy the "girls" in Bud's series, all of them. It's so much fun to read their adventures that I think Connie and Dani should stop squabbling and let Bud spin new tales. He is such a prolific writer, I'm sure they'll both be happy. Where's a single book about Liz anyway. She has more to complain about than anyone. I need to catch up on the series, so get back to work Bud!

Scott Bury said...

Wow, there are some issues between the ladies.

Onisha Ellis said...

I have a theory that Bud is not the only author who has characters competing for attention.

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