Sunday, January 31, 2016

I'm Dani Berger, and this is my series!

Liz is teasing me about my brassy, blonde hair.  That girl's got some nerve.  I had no choice about changing my hair color.  That was Bud's decision. Good thing I'm not a vain person.  Leave it to a man to mess up a girl's hair.

There's a word for guys like him, but I ... Liz is shushing me and pointing, like maybe Bud's listening.  Well, I hope he is! It's not fair. Yeah, so she had to put a little red in her hair for this last caper, but it hardly even changed her appearance. I wouldn't have noticed if she hadn't told me, trying to placate me.

And I still haven't forgiven her for the way she slapped me -- that girl packs some kind of punch. Of course, she says it's not her fault; Bud made her do it, she says. And except for her smacking me, I'd have been locked up in St. Lucia, according to her.  Isn't that just like her, the Pollyanna?

She thinks I'm miffed because she had the lead role in Bluewater Jailbird.  She hasn't come right out and said it, but I can tell.  She's too smug for her own good, sometimes.  Like I care if she gets to prance around and be in charge for a change. This whole series would be nowhere without me.

What's that, Liz?  I sound like Donald who? Don't you dare mention the hair!

Anyhow, we survived Bluewater Jailbird. I'm irritated with Bud that I didn't get to do a little more sailing.  He's been hanging out with us a lot lately. I can tell he misses Play Actor, and I'm still surprised that he didn't insist on more sea time in this last book. I guess we had to go where the story took us.  Liz and Marie got in some nice sailing, but I was stuck ashore the whole time.  I've put Bud on notice -- he's not going to do that again, I'll bet.

He knows I'm not happy; he messed up my hair, and my feet still hurt from those ... Oh.  Liz is shaking her head and making throat-cutting motions.  She's worried about spoilers.

Now Bud's taking up time with that Barrera woman again. I like Connie, and Paul's a good guy, but their whole last book took place at sea.  She's already whispering in Bud's ear about another book; she's probably promising to take him sailing.  He's so easy, sometimes.

Liz and I could take him, but he says it's Connie's turn.  She's never happy; she and Paul had some great sailing and got married at the end of her last book.  How's that for happily ever after?  Now that the honeymoon's over, they're going to pick up a charter and head down island with Bud in tow.  Me? At the end of Bluewater Jailbird, I get bad hair, and I'm supposed to be grateful to Pollyanna that she got me out of trouble.

What are you saying, Liz? Jealous? Me?

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Author Bob Nailor said...

I love when characters are so vivid they have their own life even when they aren't in the books. Dani will get her time in the limelight - that much I can tell. Bud, you'll just have to spend more time at the keys or find another 4 hours in that 36 hour day. Enjoyed the blog.

Diane Rapp from Quicksilver Novels said...

When a character gets to speak her mind, it's so much fun. I can't imagine that Dani would allow a hair color that she hates! I bet she buys a bottle of self-hair-color soon and fixes it. Maybe it will turn green. LOL Dani, I know for a fact that Bud likes you best, just look at how he writes your character. Lots of fun.

Onisha Ellis said...

It's one thing to tangle with crooks and killers but DON'T mess with a woman's hair! We remember things like that and hold grudges.

James Prescott said...

Always love your posts - so cool to hear from a character, love it!!

Scott Bury said...

Well, now I'm hooked. I'll have to read this book now.

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