Sunday, July 3, 2011

What to do next?

We're back home on the boat and life is slowly returning to what we, at least, think of as normal.  We have rested from our two-month trip and from the frantic pace set during the last two weeks of visiting grandchildren.  We've taken care of the small irritations of a boat which sat idle in tropical salt water for two months while we were in the States, and I'm running out of excuses to avoid working on the next book.  

I have the opposite of writer's block -- too many ideas, and conflicting feedback from the marketplace.  ''Dungda  de Islan'," the non-fiction book released in June, has sold more copies in one month than my novel, "Deception in Savannah," has sold in six months.  I was planning to write another novel, and in fact have two in process, but, I must confess, I like to see sales numbers climbing.  I also have the notes for two more short, non-fiction books, so I'm in a quandary.  Do I chase the numbers, or stick to my plan? 

While I puzzle over that, I think I will write a short story about Donald, one of my favorite characters from ''Deception in Savannah." How's that for avoiding a decision?

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