Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dungda de Islan' is available in paperback

I just reviewed the second proof version of "Dungda de Islan'" in paperback and released it for production.  It's available now from Createspace.  There is a link on the right side of this page which will take you there.  It will be available from Amazon in a few days, and from other online bookstores soon.

Thanks to my friend Kim Ahlers for the cover photo, which he shot as we were sailing in company with Kewaydin from Antigua to Guadeloupe a few years ago.  It's a treat to get a picture of your own boat under sail.  Thanks also to my wife and her folks, Carol and Alan Rea, for their patience and support while I finished the book over the last several weeks.

Finally, thanks to all who have been reading "Dungda de Islan'" in eBook format.  I'd love to hear from you.

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