Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Collection of Nautical Thrillers from Seven Best-Selling Authors for just 99 Cents!

I'm pleased to announce my participation in Seven Seas Mysteries, a boxed set of nautical thrillers.  I've read and enjoyed the books by the other six authors, and I'm honored to have Bluewater Killer included.  Not only is the 99 cent price a bargain for seven best-selling thrillers, but the proceeds of our sales are being donated to the Veterans Writing Project, a charity that helps veterans learn to tell their stories.

If you've enjoyed my thrillers, you'll like these. Collectively, the seven of us have over 60 titles published, so this is a chance to find some new favorites for minimal expense.   Please pass this information along, and thanks for your support.

Click on the cover image to the left to go to the Kindle Store and pick up your copy now; this is a limited-time offer.


James Prescott said...

Thanks for the offer!

Anonymous said...

This is cool - I didn't even think there was a genre called "Nautical thrillers!" I hope you sell oodles of books. Good luck!

Lisa Jey Davis said...

Great idea for a boxed set, great price and GREAT CAUSE. I hope you sell thousands!

Unknown said...

So awesome that you're contributing to a great charity! Hope it does well!

Scott Bury said...

I think it's terrific that you're supporting a charity. A perfect sentiment for this season.

Nichole Hall said...

Good to know! I'll be sharing this with my friends. And I love that you are giving your proceeds to a charity.

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