Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bluewater Vengeance is Published!

Bluewater Vengeance has been available in the Kindle Store since March 25, but I just approved the final proof of the paperback version.  It’s available now directly from Createspace, Amazon’s subsidiary, by following this link: Bluewater VengeanceIt will be showing up in the Amazon store later this week, for those who prefer to order from the main store.  I'll post the Amazon link as soon as it's live. 

Why was the Kindle version out for almost two weeks before the print version?

It’s significantly more difficult to format the files for the print version.  What you see on the screen is often not quite what you get on paper.  Strange things happen to page layouts and graphics, like the maps in the front of the book.  The sequence of pages and insertion of blank pages to make things appear physically where your eye expects them to be can be a puzzle.  I guess I’ve been lucky with the other books.  I’ve usually gotten it right on the first try.  With Bluewater Vengeance, it took three proofs before it came out the way I wanted it, and each proof introduces a delay of up to a week.

It’s a relief to have it done; I’ve been ready to move on to Bluewater Voodoo ever since I released the Kindle version.  Now I can get started on it.  As soon as the paperback is in the Amazon store, I'll post a link on the Bluewater Vengeance page.  Thanks for your patience, and I hope you enjoy it.  It’s already scored a five star review in the Kindle Store.  Read the review by clicking on this link: Modern Pirates of the Caribbean.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on publication. Wish those proof copies came in faster.


Charles Dougherty said...

Thanks, Onisha. I wish they came faster too! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

Terry Tyler said...

I really really want to start reading your books, not only because the subject matter(s) interest(s) me greatly, but because I know they will be well-written (!). However, my husband is becoming annoyed with me because I keep downloading books and our one Kindle is supposed to be being used for him to proof-read my new novel...! However, I'm definitely going to start before too long. Which one would do you like people to start with?

Charles Dougherty said...

I understand that problem. My wife and I have about 1,600 eBooks between us. We maintain our library in Calibre, which is a great piece of freeware, if you haven't run across it. It will handle format conversions, which I often find useful. We read on iPod Touches with the Kindle app most of the time.

As to which book should be read first, I think it depends entirely on your mood and interests. Deception in Savannah is a humorous crime novel set in Savannah, Georgia, where I grew up. There's some local color and regional humor in it. Dungda de Islan' is a narrative of our first 18 months in the Caribbean, and the Bluewater Thrillers are, well, ... thrillers. If you opt for the thrillers, read Bluewater Killer first. Otherwise, follow your whim.

I was tickled by the post on your blog about the 'look inside' panic. Every time I look at one of my books, I find a typo, or an extraneous comma, or... Well, you know, it never ends.

Thanks for visiting.

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