Friday, November 11, 2011

Bluewater Killer is Finished

Bluewater Killer is finished, after only six major rewrites and innumerable tedious editing sessions.  I owe my wife, Leslie, and her folks, Alan and Carol Rea, a great deal for their patience and determination in helping me root out all of the gremlins that plague a freshly written work.  Without their help, the story would not have been told with the degree of clarity that you will find when you read it.  Thank you, Leslie, Carol, and Alan.  Without you to guide me, I would still be stuck in an endless loop of writing and rewriting.  With no external reference, I have trouble knowing when to quit.

Now the hard part begins.  I have to take the word processor files and convert them to the required formats for uploading to the eBook outlets, and get the layout done for the paper version.  That will take a few days, depending on how fat my fingers are and how poor my memory is, but as the folks down here in the islands say, "the book soon come."

Just for the fun of it, I tried writing this book in the first person.  I've never tried writing fiction in the first person before.  It was fun, but I thought it was quite difficult to carry forward.  I had trouble sticking to the perspective of a single person all the way through, and I finally decided to go back to the style with which I was comfortable.  I learned a lot from writing the first few chapters in the first person.  For one thing, I have new respect for those folks who write that way.  It may look easy, but I didn't find it to be so.

After a week or so of frustration, I rewrote everything in my normal style.  The initial effort was not wasted; I gained real insight into the character who started out telling the story in the first person version.  He's deranged, and listening to him describe his situation was of great value as I developed his character in the final version.  Maybe I'll clean up some of that first person effort and publish it as a short story.  Let me know what you think.

Look for Bluewater Killer on Amazon and Smashwords at first, with other outlets soon to follow.  If you would like personal notification when it's available, let me know.  I hope you enjoy Bluewater Killer.

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