Saturday, April 23, 2011

Back to Work

Now that our major boat project is behind me, I can focus my energy on writing again.  I've enjoyed hearing from those of you who sent emails after reading "Deception in Savannah."  Thanks to all who have read it.  Thanks especially to those who took the trouble to post reviews on Amazon (Amazon Review) and Smashwords (Smashwords Review).  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as the folks who wrote to me. 

"Dungda de Islan'" is coming along.  The first draft is almost finished.  Now the work begins.  I rewrote "Deception in Savannah" 15 times before I was satisfied with it.  I hope this one goes more quickly.  Rewrites don't take me as long as writing the first draft, but they are truly draining.  It's hard to stay focused on material that you've read repeatedly, especially if you wrote it to start with.  I'm still expecting to release "Dungda de Islan'" this summer, so check back.  If you're interested in email notification when it's available, send me an email.

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