Friday, December 31, 2010

Help! They won't leave me alone.

Some of the characters from Deception in Savannah won't go away.  I often wonder what's happening with Donald now.  He charmed me with his cheerful, trusting approach to other people.  I wish I knew more folks like him.  Sometimes I wish I were more like him myself.  He won't be quiet.  Connie is calling to me in her own way, too.  She doesn't have the charm about her that I found in Donald, but she is an interesting person because of her courage and determination.  Although I'm not sure he could have survived the story, Jonas Belk is nagging me as well.  A lawyer whose ethics didn't permit him to take on a client unless he was sure the client didn't need legal representation has definite possibilities.  Is there any way he could have made it out of Deception in Savannah alive?

Should I let these characters rest, now that they've played out their parts in this tale?

They are trying to catch my attention as I begin working on the next book.  Should I shut them out?  I didn't have in mind writing a sequel to Deception in Savannah.  Should I let them try out for parts in another story?

What do you think?

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