Sailor's Delight - A Connie Barrera Thriller

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Sailor's Delight is the second book in the Connie Barrera Thriller series, a romantic thriller series from the author of the best-selling Bluewater Thrillers.

Connie and her First Mate and fiancé, Paul Russo, have just completed their first charter.  Paul has been back in Miami for a few days, dealing with the sale of his condo there, leaving Connie aboard Diamantista in Grenada.

She's getting the boat ready for their next guests, who arrive tomorrow, and fantasizing about Paul's return this evening.  While putting away their laundry, she finds an unexpected reminder of one of their last guests, stashed in Paul's drawer.  The lusty young widow hadn't been able to keep her hands off him, but now Connie wonders if he'd been encouraging her advances.

Beset by pangs of jealousy, she's hurt and angry. Knowing that she won't be able to resolve this with Paul before their guests come aboard, she does her best to suppress her feelings, but Paul can tell something's wrong.

When the teenaged daughter of their guests is kidnapped by white slavers and Connie single-mindedly pursues her own plan to recover the girl, her relationship with Paul comes under even more strain.

Will they get the girl back?  Will Connie and Paul survive as a couple?  Read Sailor's Delight and find out.