Love for Sail - A Connie Barrera Thriller

Love for Sail is available from Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.

Love for Sail is the first book in the Connie Barrera Thriller Series. Like the Bluewater Thrillers and the J.R. Finn Sailing Mysteries, this series is set in the Caribbean and Florida.

Smuggling, Hijacking, and Mayhem on the Open Ocean

Connie's scared. She's never skippered a yacht on an ocean voyage before. The old salt she recruited to help can't make the trip. November storms will soon trap her on the East Coast, and she's determined to spend winter in the Caribbean.

The pick-up crew she finds at the last minute have their own agenda for the voyage. Inexperienced even compared to Connie, they cause trouble as soon as they're out of sight of land.

Sail with Connie as she gets a crash course in what it means to have ultimate responsibility for your ship and the lives of your crew.