The Lost Tourist Franchise

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Donald, just out of the Army and eager to see the sights, is mugged within minutes of his arrival in Washington, D. C. Luther, perhaps a good Samaritan, comes to his aid, offering him a chance to recoup his losses while touring Washington. Will Luther lead Donald astray? Will Donald come through with his ethics intact?

Author's comments:

Donald is one of my favorite characters.  He first appeared in Deception in Savannah, and when the book was finished, he wouldn't leave me alone, so I decided to placate him with a story of his own.  The Lost Tourist Franchise is a prelude to his later escapades.  If you've read Deception in Savannah, you'll find this story amusing.  If you read this and enjoy it, you will want to follow Donald to Savannah and enjoy his participation in Deception in Savannah.

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