Deception in Savannah

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Deception in Savannah is a humorous crime novel, written in the tongue-in-cheek style of Mark Twain.

A prominent physician, driving while intoxicated, kills a pedestrian in a late-night hit and run accident.  The only eyewitness is a would-be entrepreneur with attention deficit disorder.  He also has a photographic memory, but his memories surface randomly and quickly slip back beyond his conscious grasp.  His instincts as a street hustler keep him from coming forward, especially since he can’t quite focus on what it is that he needs to tell the authorities.

The driver’s casual reaction to the accident is a tipping point in his rocky relationship with his business partner and long-time mistress.  She decides to break off their relationship and demands a large cash settlement for her interest in their bogus diet clinic in exchange for her silence.  Her blackmail scheme lands them in trouble with the clinic’s major investor.

Unbeknownst to them, the investor is a drug king-pin using the clinic to launder money.  Confused by the antics of the mistress and her alcohol-addled, porn-addicted lawyer, the mobster thinks that his empire is under attack by an unknown rival.  His lethal attempts to eliminate the imagined threat to his business are frustrated by chance and the incompetence of his subordinates.

Eventually, the police find the somewhat befuddled eyewitness, who finally stumbles across his clear but misplaced recollection of the accident, and everyone’s carefully laid plans begin to unravel with comical results.