Avengers and Rogues

Avengers and Rogues is available from Amazon in Kindle, Paperback, and Audiobook formats.

Avengers and Rogues is the second book in the J.R. Finn Sailing Mystery Series. Like the Bluewater Thrillers and the Connie Barrera Thrillers, this series is set in the Caribbean and Florida.

Two professional killers looking for revenge take on the mob in Florida and the Caribbean.

Finn is on a mission to take out a dangerous terrorist when a rogue FBI agent gets in his way.

The agent's looking for Finn's lady friend, Mary Beth O'Brien. Mary Beth has files linking Florida mobsters to corrupt national politicians, and the FBI agent is out to retrieve the incriminating records. Finn alerts his boss to the agent's interference. His boss's inquiries get her fired. She decides to strike out on her own, recruiting Finn and Mary Beth to join her in exposing the corruption.

What happens when two professional killers become targets of the mob? Read Avengers and Rogues and see for yourself.