Bluewater Thrillers: Action and Adventure novels set in the Caribbean

The Bluewater Thrillers: 

Set in the beautiful Eastern Caribbean, these books let you experience life in the islands at first-hand. Although the books are fiction, they present the locale and its people with the accuracy born of the author's many years of experience as a cruising yachtsman.

Relax in the cockpit with a rum punch as you smell the tangy sea breeze while watching for the green flash.  Feel the thrill of slicing through the impossibly blue water, rail-down with the decks awash as the trade winds whistle through the rigging.  Duck your head to avoid the swing of the boom as the yacht heaves to for you to land a big mahi-mahi for dinner.  Enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with an early morning landfall after sailing through a moonless night, and feel the genuine warmth when the immigration officer stamps your passport and ship's papers and says, "Welcome to my island, mon," with a heartfelt grin.

But watch your back.  You're on your own when you leave land behind.  Most of the bad things that happen in these books have happened down island, even though they are presented as fiction here. Paradise is a gentle, friendly place most of the time, but evil is pervasive in our world, so don't get too comfortable.

The Bluewater Thrillers chronicle the adventures of a young woman carving out a life in the islands, first as pick-up crew and later as the owner and skipper of a small luxury yacht in the charter trade.  She has been called everything from a kick-ass heroine to a psychopath.  One fan says, "Dani's hot;" another says, "She's perfect!  I'm just glad she's not my daughter."  Follow her as her role changes through the books.

In Bluewater Killer, she's a victim without a very active part until late in the story. Bluewater Killer introduces many of the characters who play key roles in the later books of the series. In this book, they're all trying to find Dani, who's gone missing while hitching rides on yachts in the Caribbean.

In Bluewater Vengeance, Dani's carrying a huge chip on her shoulder as she teams up with a new friend, Liz Chirac, and starts a charter business while dealing with some carryover trouble from her former captors.

In Bluewater Voodoo, Dani and Liz cope with conflicts between their charter guests and a terrorist.  The guests and the terrorist are both looking for a Voodoo priest who created a real-life zombie, not to be confused with today's popular notion of zombies.  You'll learn a bit about Voodoo as a religion and the origins of the zombie myth while Dani and Liz make short work of the terrorist.

In Bluewater Ice, Dani and Liz have a charter guest who has brought aboard more than just her luggage.  Connie Barrera is good company and becomes friends with Dani and Liz, but they're puzzled by her occasional moments of paranoia.

In Bluewater Betrayal, an old boyfriend cons Liz into helping him start an all-inclusive charter business, and she takes a break from running Vengeance with Dani to give their romance another try.  She’s acting against her better judgment, but Robert Delorme is a past master at manipulating Liz.  Dani Berger and their friend and long-term charter guest, Connie Barrera, are expecting to pick up the pieces when Delorme breaks Liz’s heart once again.

Liz is dismayed to discover just how ‘all-inclusive’ Delorme’s charter business is intended to be, and she and her friends are drawn into a web of murderous intrigue in the islands as they sail through the Caribbean to escape the wrath of Delorme’s drug-smuggling investors.

In Bluewater Stalker, Jane and Bill Fitzgerald have chartered Vengeance for a month's getaway exploring the islands of the eastern Caribbean. To Dani and Liz, the cruise seems routine at the beginning, although they quickly sense that something's amiss between Jane and Bill.

For Bill, this is a working vacation. He's planning some research on the culture of the early inhabitants of the islands, but Jane has a different agenda which she hasn't shared with her husband. Neither is prepared for the trail of bodies that marks their progress through the islands.

Bluewater Stalker will keep you turning pages to discover the killer's identity and his connection to the Fitzgeralds as Dani and Liz fight to keep their guests safe.

In Bluewater Bullion, a wealthy writer charters Vengeance for a surreptitious search for sunken treasure off the coast of Antigua.  Although he and his hired hand try to hide what they're doing, they soon attract the attention of two competing consortia.

Dani and Liz become embroiled in a struggle for the salvage rights to the wreck of a Civil War era blockade runner which may or may not have been carrying tons of Confederate gold.

In Bluewater Rendezvous, Dani and Liz have a charter guest aboard Vengeance who's too mysterious to suit Dani.  When the guest's fiancé fails to make their rendezvous in Antigua, Dani and Liz find themselves in a struggle with the Mafia.

The mob boss makes a strategic mistake when he kidnaps a member of Dani's family.  His intent was to force her to follow his orders, but instead he becomes the target of her anger.  An enigmatic man from Dani's past provides unexpected help when one of his agents makes a preemptive strike against the mob.

In Bluewater Ganja, drugs and greed plague Dani and Liz as they entertain their latest charter guests aboard Vengeance.  Ed Savage, a single parent and a trial lawyer, is taking a break from a class-action suit. Cynthia, his daughter, is a spoiled, dope-smoking teenager. Ed's pursuit of an exorbitant fee has put his daughter and his career at risk.

To Dani's surprise, given the contrast in their backgrounds, she likes Cynthia.  Ed, meanwhile, is intent upon seducing Dani. When someone kidnaps Cynthia, Liz takes Ed in hand, freeing Dani to search for Cynthia.

In Bluewater Jailbird, Dani has vanished in St. Lucia. After a trip to Europe, Liz returns to Vengeance  and finds it abandoned. The people on the adjacent boat tell Liz that the police picked up Dani from her yacht a few hours before Liz's return.

When the police evade Liz's questions, she starts her own investigation with the aid of friends. In her quest, Liz runs afoul of a human trafficking ring that's also smuggling terrorists from the Middle East into Miami via the Caribbean islands.

In Bluewater DroneDani and Liz have new charter guests aboard Vengeance. Blaine and Mindy Wilkes booked the charter to make an adventure travel video for their TV series. Upon arrival, they confess to be paparazzi in pursuit of a movie star named Kev Strong, as well.

Discovering that Dani has an entrée to Strong, the guests encourage her to see him. Spurred on by Liz, Dani agrees. She meets him for lunch to provide a photo opportunity for her guests. Strong, smitten by Dani, offers to make her a star. He invites her to join him aboard his Russian investor's megayacht to audition for a part.

Dani is unmoved by the entreaties of Strong and their guests but her suspicion about the investor's agenda prompts her to accept the invitation.

Does Dani become a star? And what's the Russian up to?

In Bluewater RevolutionDani Berger and Liz Chirac are caught up in a plot to invade Cuba. They're in Miami for a gathering of family and friends when Phillip Davis encounters a mercenary he knew from his days in military intelligence.

Jose Martinez is working for a consortium of Cuban exile groups, buying weapons to support a final effort to oust the Castro brothers. Or does Martinez have something else in mind?

In Bluewater EnigmaDani Berger and Liz Chirac return to Miami from a vacation to discover that their yacht, Vengeance, has been stolen. Then their charter broker calls. She has a client for them.

The client refuses to accept any yacht other than Vengeance. The charter is to be a surprise for her lover, who admires classic yachts. 

Dani and Liz recover Vengeance in time for the charter. But before the guests arrive, they learn that their client plans to use the rendezvous to blackmail her lover.

Dani and Liz suspect there's more to this than blackmail. "Why Vengeance?" they keep asking themselves. And who is the woman's lover, to justify such a complex effort?

In Bluewater QuestRick Everett is on a quest to prove the Moors discovered America 600 years before Columbus.

Everett and his wife have chartered Vengeance to search for evidence in the Caribbean. He's enlisted Dani Berger and Liz Chirac to help him hunt for artifacts that support his theory.

Without knowing it, Everett's made them all pawns in a centuries-old struggle. Caught between the Sunni Muslim Saudis and the Iranian Shiites, they're in for a rough sail.

Read Bluewater Quest and discover what happens when zealots confront Dani and Liz.

In Bluewater Target, Marie LaCroix charters Vengeance to use as her base of operations for a covert mission in Washington, D.C. Marie, Dani, and Liz have a rough trip from Martinique to the Chesapeake Bay, and that's only the beginning of their trouble.

In Bluewater Blackmail, Dani and Liz are hosts to Lucie Cruz, a teenaged girl whose mother has just died in Miami. A single parent, the mother died from an overdose. There's some question as to whether her death was suicide or murder. Lucie knows more than she's told the police, and there are some ugly people trying to find her. 

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